Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Problem with phone call

After the invention of the phone, it became easier and easier for people to keep in contact with each other, especially when the cell phone came out because people coukd call their friends anywhere and any time without any problems. However, no problem is not true because nothing is completely perfect. When it is Valentines` day and you are having a candle dinner with you girlfriend and as you are flirting with her, your cell phone rings. First, no matter whether is a male or a female, your girlfriend may think that you do not treasure the time spent with her and may be angry. Second, if that is not a man but a woman, you will be in a big trouble. Your girlfriend may ask about your relationship because what kind of relation with a girl will make her call you on Valentines` day. If your girlfriend thinks in that way, tragedy is coming around the corner. You are unable to be optimistic any more because the results of this situation may be bad or nothing, but there is no good. One possibility is your girlfriend may finish the dinner with you but not activity to talk and she will be angry with you for a couple of days. This is the lightest “punishment”. The other is the most serious result that she will leave without any words which may puzzle you but means you are done… So when you are in a very place with a specific person, especially your girlfriend, you would be better turning off everything that may ring and disturb you.


Anna said...

This is funny. I want to use this for the next CESL today.