Wednesday, April 23, 2008

When I'm doing homework

I need silence when I am doing homework. It depends on what kind of subject; especially when I am writing paper, I turn off the TV, radio, and computer. However, when I am reading a textbook or novel, I need some noise around me. I imagine the story which is I’m reading, so if I hear some noise, I put that in my imagination. I used to need complete silence when I was doing homework, but after I noticed that I don’t like the library, I mastered this way. Actually I used to love the library for readings, and I went there three times or more a week. However, library prohibits eating, drinking, and chatting, pretty much I can’t do anything except studying. Nevertheless, some people are eating food, drinking water, and chatting in a loud voice. Also, I noticed I couldn’t stand complete silence; when I’m in completely silence, it makes me go crazy. Sometimes it makes me laugh, be nervous, and shout. Therefore, I quit going to the library, and I found another way to concentrate on studying. So, when I am doing homework, I go back my house and keep quiet. On the other hand, I turn on the TV or radio or some kind of music when I am reading.