Monday, July 28, 2008


I have studied CESL for 8 months. I think CESL is a good place to study English because teachers are very kind and classmates are friendly. I am so happy that I have lots of friends from all over the world. We have different cultures and different backgrounds, but we meet every day. CESL is like a big family. We have many activities so we can hang out with our friends. There is saying in China: if you meet a friend, you are the lucky dog. I have some advice for CESL. The first one is CESL can organize more activities for traveling, which means we can go to some place that is far from Carbondale. The second one is CESL should give us more TOEFL classes per week. Traveling also improves our knowledge of American culture. I think we should have more TOEFL classes because we come to CESL because we want to improve our English skills and study in the USA. TOEFL is one requirement for countrywe come to a university in the USA. We should do more TOEFL practice. I think many students are the first time to the first time to the USA for the first time so they are too shy to speak English. CESL teachers should give them more encouragement. I think that would be very helpful to CESL.