Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The technology has been upgraded year after year. Also the technology helps people to get to the point that they need to get to on easy way. But the technology has given the people what they want to know. For example, people in the past couldn't call their families when they are far away from them, and they wanted to cal their family so they could make sure everybody was all right. Also, when they sent a letter, it would take a long time to get to their family. The education and the general information which helped people in their study or anything was not like now, because in the past the education was not that good; also it was hard to find information. But now people got what they want to know from the Internet or any of the new technologies by just typing the subject that they want to know about; then it will show the websites of those have that information. Technology change a lot of things for people, not just getting information; it also changed the people's health and kills the people with some of the technologies. how? For example, people in the past liked to walk and not all of them had cars; now the technology has creates a lot of accidents happen at this time. The first cause for the accidents in general is having a car; this is one of the technologies, but now people can't live without a car, so it is going to be hard to not have a car.