Monday, October 27, 2008

The Big Problems to Animals

According to the author, Tim Hirsh(2005), in “Animals ‘hit by global warning’” the report in the UK showed that many animals are in danger of extinction because of climate change. Warming has influence on the migration of some kinds of birds and animals. Some species became accustomed to new environment, but others like polar bears and seals can’t do it because the Arctic sea ice is rapidly melting. There are other threats besides climate change. First, the nests of sea turtles and seals are decreasing because sea level is rising. Second, thanks to warmer sea, eggs with female turtles than those with males. Third, since there is a lack of water in many areas, waterfowl’s habitats have been destroyed their habitats. Fourth, the extent of the Sahara desert makes it impossible for swallows impossible to fuel up. In these ways, the environment surrounding animals is changing rapidly. The change is so rapid that animals can’t keep up with it to get options and to survive.

It is a fact that animals are in danger of extinction nowadays. This problem is not only related to animals but also to humans. It will influence humans later if we don’t do anything to protect nature and animals.

I think the cause of these problems comes from humans. Humans waste a lot of earth’s resources to make their living. For example they get money for cutting trees. Because of this, the habitats of some species are destroyed and they can’t live comfortably. I think every year the environment is getting worse. I can see how much worse it is and how many species have been damaged in this article.

Recently, many people care about the state of the environment more than before. It is a fact that we can’t stop development of destruction completely, once it has become worse. However, we have some ways to rescue nature and animals. First, we can recycle products that we can, like paper or plastic bottles, more and more. Second, when we go to the supermarket, we can use our own bag for packing what we got there. Third, we can depend on solar energy more and more without using gasoline or oil. If we can do these, the air or the oceans will not get much worse than they are now.

In this article, I could learn that many animals are in danger of extinction and we have big problems. We should think of the fact as the symptoms of what they will happen to us in the same way. Actually, we can live thanks to natural resources of the earth like water, some animals or fish. If they decrease or disappear, we can’t live without them. Since they are essential for our lives, we must think of this and find other effective solutions as soon as possible before it is too late.

In conclusion, some species are in danger of extinction because humans didn’t think of how the effect is a big deal for animals or other resources. However, we have some solutions such as recycling to reduce amount of garbage or depending on solar power to alleviate this problem, since it is impossible for us to recover it perfectly. The more people realize we can live thanks to the resources of earth, the more people may try to do their best to protect them. If we do as much as possible, I think it will not get worse more rapidly than now, but we have to keep paying attention to this problem.


Hirsch, T.(2005, October 5) "Animals 'hit by global warming'" BBC NEWS.