Monday, October 27, 2008

Chicago City

The city I want to talk about contains the highest building in United States (US), which was the highest building in world before ten years ago. This city is Chicago in Illinois State, which is one of the biggest cities in US. There are three reasons why I recommend my friends or classmates to go to Chicago. First, there are a lot of museums in Chicago, such as science museum, historical museum, and art museum. It is really great idea to see many new things in those museums. Next, if you can go to the Aquarium, it is very useful because you can see all kinds of sea animals, for example, turtle, fish, and so on. This is the interesting thing I recommend to my classmates this term to go to, because it is related to our research paper topic. Finally, they can go to Millennium park; it is really wonderful. You can see different chaps in this park. There is something their like a big mirror ball, you can take a good photo to yourself. In conclusion, you should visit this city if you have not yet because you can see many museums, you can find your sea animals in the aquarium and you can have fun in Millennium Park. So , you should try to go there.