Monday, October 27, 2008

love change our life

Tuesday, October 21, 2008
krunal. patel
true love story of KRUNAL HEENA

hi!i believe if you fall in love than you are world lukyest person. it doesn't matter you getting married with her/,i am any thing just for my love. when i was 14 years old. i fall in love.she is my neighbor.can u believe that i still know every things about her. i don't know she loves me or not. but, i am crazy about her.whenever i am unsuccess about my love. i read spritual book, pray my god. and try to get my love.she know that i love him lot but i don't know what's problem.when i was 16 years old i promise her,after 5 years i will become something and i shaw you. and now i am in u.s.a.for student visa. before i was coming in u.s.a. i call her and i tell her i promise you one day i will becme successful person. and you offer me i wants to talk to you. at that time i my life just one dream i want to become something and i will show her.last month i call her for talk but she refuse. whenever, i think about my past life at that time my passion is unbelievable. i want to achieve my goal any way. i am sure one day i saw her because my god with me. genarally,yougest are fail in the love at that time they smoke cigarette,drink bear,take drugs and sometimes suicide also.they lose their future. this is a really worst things. they should not do that.they should not lost their life for her/him love but they should take strenth and passion. and challege her/him one day i saw you. love change your life if you think right way otherwise you lose your life. i can't hate her because today i am any thing just for,i am good person and my ambition just for her.if she is not come in my life than i am not in U.S.A.i can't do any thing. but, i really really love her so much. this love always going increase and increase. i have no any photo because i don't need. whenever i close my eye she comes frount of me. many times i am crying. i have just one option to get her and this is pray of last 8 years, i never forget any any single moment about her. even i also know every dress which she wore.all moment is still in my eye. i think, people always say that good woman paly essential in successfull person this is my sad but true stoey of my life. i write down my web log name krunal heena. her name is HEENA.
Posted by krunalkumar at 1:48 PM

Anna said...

Wow, I always thought that Heena was part of your name, now I know the real story behind it.
I'll be praying that things work out for you so that you both can reach true happiness.
October 23, 2008 11:19 AM

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