Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Being a bride is hard

I want to talk about my dream and problems for it. I have a lot of dreams and the most important dream for me is being a bride. I have to take over many things in making the dream real. First of all, I'm not sure if I can find my destiny or not. The possibility which I can find a good man is not high and it's difficult to continue relationship forever. If I particular about characteristic or appearance too much, it's more difficult to get married. Second, I don't have confidence in housework, because I'm not good at cooking, cleaning and so on. In additon, they are very hard and stressful. But I must do housework every day no matter how I have a job or not for my future husband and children. Finally, the most important fear is that I will get divorced. Nowaday, in Japan, the rate of divorce is increasing more and more. There are various reasons. The number one reason is difference of sense of value. Many people notice that characteristic they haven't known after marriage although they have dated for long time. So I need to see congeniality very carefully. Also, I have to choose a man who suits a marriage partner not just a lover. Moreover, sometimes visions of matrimony aren't realized and some people are disappointed at marriage or partners. It's rare to be able to make them real faithfully. Thus, there are some things I'm afraid of in being a bride. Some are things I can take over by effort, and others depend on my fortune. Anyway, I hope that I will find a perfect man for me, and have a happy life with him forever.