Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Common Ways that People in my Country Meet the Love of their Live

People in my country meet the love of their live in many different ways. The most common, popular, and traditional is arranged married. However, some people meet their loved ones through friends, at their work place, college or university, church, radio and through wizards. Arranged married are from generation to generation, is our tradition and is the most trustful. In the arranged married the parents from the girl and the boy decided or arrange the marriage when both the girl and the boy are still babies. Thus, by the time they will be already grown up, they will have to get married because their parents have already decided and they are not supposed to break the promise. Before the girl leaves her parents to go and stay with her husband, the boy has to pay or give a lot of money to the girl parents. Besides it the boy has to buy clothes to the girl’s parents that have to fill at least three luggages. Most of the parents who arrange married to their daughter or son believe that ancestors play an important role in deciding and choosing the future couple that will get married. Therefore, many couples do not easily divorce because they believe that who arranged their married are the ancestors. Thus, if they divorce or think of divorcing they will be disrespecting, breaking the pacts and they will be cursing themselves. The churches in my country play an important role in making people to meet by making services for singles who are looking for a partner. The other popular way in which people meet their loved ones is through the radio. Most of radios stations have romantic programs in which people call and leave their details like age, height, educational level and from where they are. Then if somebody will be interested in the person with these characteristics will call to the radio to find out how to meet the person. However, meeting through the internet is not common and popular in my country. Thus, people would rather consult the wizards about with whom to get married, where to find to find the person, how to get or impress the person and what kind of magic can be used to call and seduce the person. Those who do not believe or trust in the wizards and do not have any arranged married, do not think that radio programs or church services can work wait for the opportunity to come by searching around in their work place, college and university.