Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Learning Language

Khalid A
EAP 2 – Writers’s Workshop

Learning another language is something interesting and hard at the same time. For me I decided to learn another language because it is required in my job and because English is the first language in the world. To learn a new language there are many steps you should take. First, you should have the motive that makes you study hard and not give up. Second, you should find a good institution for teaching this language. Next, you should learn many vocabulary because vocabulary is your basic instructor that help you in learning; then, try to practice what you learn with native speakers if it is possible or others who speak the language. Moreover, you should watch TV and listen to music to improve your listening skills. Also, reading is very helpful for you, so you should read as much as you can. Personally I try these methods and it helps me a lot, but the most helpful is to have friends from the native language so you will learn fast and they will help you if you have a mistake. I hang out with my friends and I learn many things from them. Finally, learning another language is very important for people