Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Summary Response

Danger of Extinction

According to the article “The brown pelican’s return to coastal Louisiana” the author states that brown pelicans have a history in Louisiana, but they disappeared from there. Brown pelicans arrived in Louisiana because Iberville, first coasting of the Gulf of Mexico, took the pelicans and carried on to the New World with 24 feminine birds in hope that they would provide an incentive for permanent settlements. Then in 1966 the pelican received the honor to being officially adopted as the state bird. However the author explains that the pelican bird started to decrease it’s population in the state of Louisiana until they totally disappeared. The scientist began to study why the pelican had disappeared; they could not have proof to know at that moment why the birds migrated. They believed that the reason had been two tropical storms in 1956 and 1957. However, years later, in California, the pelicans started to disappear too but the research found that thousands of pounds of the pesticide DDT had been used in the state. Fishes that are part of the food of the pelicans had absorbed the DDT. As a result of this in 1968 the Louisiana state started a program to restocking brown pelicans. They transported the pelicans from Florida. The program started to be successful and the birds started to increase and sustain their population.

So many of the environmental problems are caused by humans but human cannot migrate across, the Earth like pelicans did when they did not find food. However some of the humans can create a lot of programs to help to maintain the Earth. Also humans are intelligent to use the technology to help the Earth and try not to cause more damage.

Humans are always creating pollution without thinking of the environment. The problem is that when they started to think about the environment, it could be too late. Every day too many species disappear from the Earth because of the damage of humans and one of these species could be humans too. Humans do not have the possibility to migrate to another planet, like the movie WALL-E. Neither do we have the possibility to move to another country like brown pelicans, because we are too many people for just one country. Humans have to be more conscious to think about the future. Humans have to respect the environment to subsist in the Earth. We have proof of the damage that we are causing and the migration of the pelicans can be one example of this. Humans do not have possibilities like pelicans.

However humans can start to create some programs in order to protect the environment. The program that Louisiana State started protected one of the species of the Earth. Humans have to take the environmental problems seriously. They have to start to take seriously the methods of reuse, recycle and reduce. It is incredible that people, knowing the environmental problems that the Earth has, are not worried about doing something. Every day you can see in the place to recycle a lot of things that are not to recycle. Even if people have to places to put the garbage, they mix everything recyclable and not. However it is important to create educational programs to explain to people how they can take care of the environment.

Humans have to think about how they can create technology to help to clean the environment without causing more damage. Some person is creating a machine those functions in order to clean the air pollution. Mexico City is one of the cities where the machine had been tested. Humans have to figure out the problem of why green technology is more expensive than regular technology. Whirlpool, for example, has a line of washing machines that are green and not cause damage to the environment, but this line is the most expensive, and no one will buy it. Humans have technology and they must use it for the best.

Humans can continue causing damage to the environment, but they could disappear if they are too late. If the human race wants to live in the Earth forever, they have to think of the planet. They have to create programs that help to take care of the environment, and they have to use the technology in the same way. The Earth could not be forever.


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