Thursday, November 13, 2008

Save The Environment, Save The World


In Hirsch's article "Animals 'hit by global warming'" (2005), the author states that global warming affects many animals' living patterns. By an association's report, there is a big effect that can cause animals to change their migration routes if global warming continues. Some animals are unlikely to adapt to the climate changing, so scientists are trying to figure out a way that can help animals cope with global warming. Nevertheless the climate becomes warmer so fast that many species have died because they are unable to deal with changes. So a report shows that scientists are supposed to find more methods to help animals avoid being killed by the new climate.

Absolutely, the author’s opinion is correct in the article. Global warming affects many animals by changing their habitats and living scopes. Although scientists have found some approaches to help them adapt to the environmental changes, there are still some species that died during the period. In author’s article, he points out that if animals keep staying in the environment that can harmfully affect them, there will be nowhere that they can be alive. So people should use more alternative ways to help animals to avoid dying, such as population control, new technologies, and education.

First, during the last century, people destroyed the environment more and more since the population of the world has gone up more and more rapidly. By the population raising, the demand for material has been exponentially enlarged. Cutting trees, air pollution, exponential world population growth and so forth make the environment worse and worse, and everything that negatively affects the climate is influenced by humans. That means the larger the population is, the more serious the environmental condition will be. So all governments should have a plan that can effectively control the population. For example, the Chinese government carried out a law that citizens are only allowed to have one child in each family. Although China is still a country that has the most people in the world, and there are 1.4 million people more than last century, it has started to decelerate. The population of China would be almost equal to the total population of other countries in the world without that plan. In addition, so far, the environment of China has become better and better because of the population control plan.

Next, the old technology is one of the biggest reasons the whole earth has gotten warmer than ever. For a long time people have done a great deal with harmful gas in an inappropriate way, and not only have people suffered from hundreds of diseases that have been caused by air pollution, but also animals have died by climate changes that are caused by global warming. Therefore, people should realize that new technology that can prevent the development of global warming, such as heating by solar-energy instead of firewood, getting electricity by wind energy instead of some methods that can cause air pollution, and so forth. All of the above are the ways that have been used by people in their normal lives, but during the time that global environment is getting worse, it is the time for scientists to figure out more advanced technology to cope with the situation that may be likely to be more serious in the future. Species can avoid extinction from the earth; So can humans, especially if people are able to invent more new technologies that can replace those which can cause global warming.

Finally, education is a factor that can influence people to protect the environment, because people improve their qualities only by the education. And people's qualities keep them decide how to cope with those environmental problems that can be directly or indirectly related to their lives. For example, there are many workers who are from the countryside of China, and some of them rarely have been educated so much in school. The money becomes the most significant issue for them, so they expect to be rich, rather than focusing on whether they are not supposed to expectorate here or there. Consequently, whether environmental problems can be solved depends on people's realizing how important the environment is. And the only way that can make people clear about that is education.

In conclusion, people should use more methods to help animals prevent dying, because climate changes are more rapid because of global warming. That is a big project for people all over the world, since people can solve this situation by population control, using of new technologies, and education. Therefore, if people can deal with the environmental problems together, animals will be saved soon, and so will we humans.


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