Thursday, November 13, 2008

*** Step for Learning New Languages ***

Most people learn the different languages for different purposes. Most of them think that it is difficult to learn a different language; others think it is not very difficult for them. In addition, learning a new language is neither easy nor difficult. It depends on the person and his interest. Firstly, I believe that the interest in a language is the most important factor of learning a new language. Put in mind any reason which makes you interested in the language. For example, listen to foreign music which will give inspiration to understand or make foreign friends. Because if you are interested in the language, your studying will be as a pleasure; you want to fulfill your interests and achieve your goals. Second, I advise you to be talkative in the other language; it does not matter what people will say or think of you, just break the border of shyness. Even if you are a kind of introverted person and do not like to socialize with people, you turn over a new leaf. Third, as what people said, if you want to learn a new language, you have to first learn its abuses. Actually, I do not completely agree with that, but I think it helps you to be interested to learn the language and start talk with the languages native speakers. Finally, force yourself to read and listen to the language you want to learn in the field that interests you. Following these steps will help you learn very fast and more easily.