Monday, February 23, 2009

Abortion: a means of controlling overpopulation

In the “overpopulation growing at a furious rate” article, written by Magaret L. Usdansky, in July 18, 1994 USA Today issue, concerns are expressed about overpopulation and its drawbacks on the environment. It is such a crucial issue, that it drew the attention of St-Aime Ricot who expressed his concerns. According to the author, controlling the population growth is possible, but some countries or religions will fight it.

The worldwide population is mushrooming nowadays. To avoid our planet’s being collapsed, population must be controlled. The main way to control overpopulation is through birth control, of which several methods are used. But, out of all these methods, abortion is the key.

First of all, abortion is one of the best methods to control overpopulation, because a lot of teenagers become pregnant both in developed countries in underdeveloped countries. These adolescents are still at school; then they do not do anything. In this case, their parents must necessarily meet their needs. So, it is irresponsible to let these adolescents to have a baby. Abortion must be the tool to refrain from this problem.

Another reason that justifies the use of abortion as a means of control of overpopulation is its innocent target. Just a fetus, not an individual is aborted; in this case their person who initiates the process cannot be held as criminal. For the well being of our planet, people must be aware of the harmful effects of overpopulation on the environment as well as on the natural resources that sustain life on the earth.