Monday, February 23, 2009


Some people think that Facebook is bad; other people believe that the social network is a time-waster, because anybody can write anything he or she wants about everything. However other people think that what Facebook have is very helpful and interesting. I, myself, am a member of this New World of those who are using Facebook daily, and I believe that Facebook is important, because, it can be used to keep in touch with friends, It can be used to learn some interesting things, and it facilitates people’s keeping contact with the world’s progress.

Facebook is important, because it can be used to keep in touch with friends, and allow friends around the world to know where they are or what they are doing. For example, Now, I have some friends from Angola, Zimbabwe, Congo, Pakistan, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Mongolia, Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, and Uruguay. I met them when I went to Changchun, in the North-East of China in 2007 for a workshop, so we have become friends. Facebook facilitates me to stay in constant contact with them and know what they are doing, their family, and how they show some picture about their activities. Last year, one of my friends who lives in Canada shared some pictures of his wedding in Facebook; it was very nice to see how his wife and he looked, then ten months later, it was the pictures of his beautiful son that he shared. In this way, we know what each other are becoming.

I also think that Facebook is important because it can be used for us to be able to learn some interesting things about some people or some places. On Facebook, there are some people who talked about bad experiences that they had; I think it is important to read about those experiences, and I am sure that people can learn something very helpful, in order to be more careful in the future. For example, there is a girl who talks about how she lost her first baby and how her husband and friends helped her to lift up. People can learn a lot about this situation and use her story to help someone else, particularly their friend.

At last, I think Facebook facilitates people’s keeping contact with the world’s progress, because nowadays scientific discoveries are going so fast that someone who is in constant contact with technological progress can wake up one day and not able to do anything, for example buy things. In the past if someone wanted to buy something abroad, it was very complicated and it took a lot of time, but now, someone who lives in Africa can order whatever he wants with his credit card. Last month, I wanted to buy a new hard drive for my computer, and then I went online and found which company sold the model compatible with mine, and used my card to order the hard drive. A friend of mine on Facebook had the same problem; he told me that and then I gave her the company website to buy her hard drive. I think someone who does not want to stay behind, knows how this world is changing, and uses this new technology to his advantage will have a lot of problem.

In conclusion, Facebook is important, because first it can be used to keep in touch with friends, second can be used to learn some interesting things about people or some places, and third facilitate people to keep contact with the world’s progress. This New World is interesting; we can use it to withdraw the maximum output with carefulness.