Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Real China

A Real China
In the article” A Real China”, the author deny that western countries think Chinese people live in a very poor standard, she indicated many statistics to prove the economy of China has improved rapidly since 2001. The most shocking thing is Chinese is the third largest consumer of luxuties.
In my opinion, Why China developed a lot is depend on where resource is. In western of China, a large amounts of resource located there. Chinese people are opening up them and use them to develop southern and eastern part of China. I am from eastern part of China, I am familiar to that place. China has the largest population and most people live in eastern part of China because they want to get a satisfied job easier. In Shanghai, 2 thirds of people are from outside. If you travel to western part, you will see how terrible people live such bad condition, you may sympathize with them. It is hard to find a flat road in the region which is surr
ounding by many mountains. I met with a boy before in my travel who needs climb over two mountains to go to school every day. China is like a compined country with a LDC and a MDC. As I am a Chinese, Hopefully I want to see all parts of china develop equally and I also want China to be a member of MDCs.