Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Response Assignment

Barbara Fernandez
February 9, 2009

I read this article about population in Germany that my classmate Jeannie wrote. She explains the problem that Germany is suffering because of the decrease of the population there. She also gives three kind of solutions, trying to fix this problem, such as more available jobs with high salary; facilities that should be opened for eighteen-month old children, and the idea that the government should think more about opening immigration. Finally, she tells that the way to increase the population in Germany could be based on these three solutions, and not just on the increase of the population due to the high births.

I choose this article that Jeannie wrote because it is related with the one that I wrote about population in France. I agree with her in two out of the three ways that she explains, because it could be a good solution. In my opinion I do not think that immigration could be a good one. If the government allows the immigration without limit, they are fixing the problem with population, but on the other hand, they could generate another problem in the society. However, I agree with the other one about available jobs with high salary because if people earn more money, they could think about the possibility of having more children. I also agree with the childcare facilities because some women’s problem is that sometimes they decide not to have children because they have no time to take care of their children.