Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Katherine Ortegon M.
May 20-2009

Today people are facing two big problems, first the lack of humanity and second the dependence on technology.
In reference to the first problem I think in our days the people have lost values like respectful for the family, love for the other, the capacity to help others and the comprehension of other ways of mind or beliefs, the world does not have the understanding that money is not the most important in life.
The second problem is related to “the advanced technology” because we create it to resolve problems like processing speed, real time information and others, but now we depend totally on the technology to work, to study, to talk with our friends and family, to share information and make any kind of relationship, and I ask myself: the technology is the answer, but what was the question?
If we put together the lack of humanity and the highest dependency on technology we will find that many problems, including the environmental problems, are related with this, because people are more connected but are farther away from each other. Although the technology has great advantages for communications, it also has a great cost and it is the loss of values. To maintain this technology we consume the resource of future generations, consume a lot of energy, exploit people, create wars and destroy countries; if you want to be someone you have to be on the internet.
In conclusion, for me is very important to use the technology but recovering the values lost and if it happens maybe some day we can understand how to be really connected but not with the Internet but also with the heart.