Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chinese environmental problems

Everyone knows that there are many environmental problems in developing countries, because the only thing they want is to improve their economies. China is one of the developing countries; there are a lot of problems, such as the population problem and the global warming problem. I think the major hurdle to solve the problem is that the people never realize these are serious problems. Like the population problem, it’s because of the government. When the new China was built in 1949, the government wanted people to get more babies to help the developing of China. When the government realized this was a problem, the solution was made. Right now, each family only can have one baby. And the major reason that causes the warming problem is that people cut so many trees. We all know that trees eat CO2, but China lost a lot of forests, which makes the global warming worse and worse. People cut trees because they need the tree for productions or they just need a place to grow food or build building. Right now, there are more and more rules that are made to protect forests. People built on more and more forests. Chinese people are trying to fix the problems, but more and more companies and factories are facing the economic problems. Also, government pays a lot of money to fix the problems.