Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Let’s save our planet from burning.

According to Stephen Leahy in his article ‘Climate Change: Chemical Lobby Weakening Ozone Treaty” the ozone hole over the Antarctica is getting bigger. For this reason, people are suffering from skin cancer and many of them have even died each year that goes by. Consequently, the United Nations Secretary-General said that it was very important to join actions in order to stop this and give a solution to this problem, so nations like Argentina, the US and Canada got together to sign the Montreal Protocol to avoid this problem’s becoming bigger. This is an event that experts in this field have foretold since some years ago. The cause of this problem is the use of some greenhouse gases like CFC, HCFCs and HFCs the agreement in the protocol has not been successful because many countries have not put in practice the rules designed in that treaty. However, the nations are getting together in order to convince more countries to join the cause and give a solution to this problem by using other alternative refrigerants. Finally, the author said that a good agreement could help us to avoid more air pollution and avoid endangering some species. It also can give benefit in health, social and economic aspects.

The ozone layer is a situation that concerns all the countries, because in every country there are factories, cars and other refrigerants that emit greenhouse gases. However, it is very important to get into the following steps. Government must enact an international treaty. Countries all over the world have to control chlorine compounds and monitor the planet atmosphere, and companies have to be involved and cooperate with this cause.

Governments must enact an international treaty, like the Montreal Protocol, to ban ozone-destroying gases such as CFCs, found in aerosol cans and air conditioners.
Countries worldwide have to control the production and use of ozone-eating chlorine compounds, and the Earth's atmosphere will be recovering from damages.

Monitoring our planet's atmosphere is an international priority and every country has to do it to avoid future disasters in the world.

Big and smaller companies have to take actions in order to produce equipment that does not affect the ozone layer.

To conclude, if the countries follow these steps the problem of the ozone layer hole will be reduced and there will be a smaller possibility of air pollution, endangered species and less risk of health problems or social and economic turmoil.

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