Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Facebook, it is good?

I started to use Facebook a little more than one year ago. It was because all my friends told me to open it. For sure I did it. Facebook helped me and is still helping me to know new people, and keep in touch with my friends. Also it allows me see some information about my friends, such as photos and comments. Another way that Facebook helps is to share moments with videos, pictures and comments. It is because every friend can see your profile. Sometimes Facebook can be dangerous; it is because there is sometimes personal or private information about you available to any person who has the interest. Although t is good, recording moments with photos and videos, sometimes people don't like being public. This is more true when there are embarrassing situations that make them feel uncomfortable. However everything depends about how you use it. And Facebook has been helping people to keep in touch and make new friends every moment. In conclusion Facebook is getting famous and more famous in the entire world and every person is using it.