Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Seeing of Storm

       It was my first time to experience an amazing disastrous weather-storm. When the storm came, I just stayed in my room and watched it  happening by the window. I felt a little bit scared actually, but curious about it, For this reason, I saw the entire process of the storm that made me astound. By the way, I recorded a video through the window for showing to my friend later. During the storm, I saw the trees wave strongly and some stuffs fly in the sky. Later I heard something was broken; it sounded like glass. That was very scary, so I stepped back a  little bit. Then I kept watching and taking a video. Suddenly, the electricity was gone. I was so wondering about it, because I hadn't eaten yet the whole day and there wasn't enough food in my fridge. After the storm stopped, I went outside to look at the causes. All the views were unbelievable for me. The trees had been destroyed and had damaged some houses. I saw the broken glass which was my neighbor's window as I'd heard. Everything was terrible. All shops seemed already closed. I was so helpless when I stood in front of supermarket. Until night, there was still no power and everything was soaked in darkness. Carbondale looked like a ghost town.