Thursday, May 28, 2009

FW#2 Tiny cell phone

Looking at modern trends, are the cell phone has becomes tiner and cuter. We can look back 10 years. In 1998, Nokia 8800 was the most famous cell phone in China. It was large, had no color screen and was really complex to use. How about cell phone today? There are millions of choices, such as Blackberry, Nokia, Moto, and Sony. All of them believe that a tiny and high technology cell phone is perfect. For example, LG, a famous electric company, created a kind of cell phone that is called “chocolate.” It is really tiny and fashionable. And also, that one is my cell phone. It is really useful to me. I do not like to use a big cell phone; such as I phone 3D or Blackberry. It is too big. I think the future of cell phone is going to be tiny and fashionable, because people lie it that way. Furthermore, a cell phone can do lots of things that a computer can, such as sending e-mail, getting a date and shopping online. Those are more important to us. In the future, I think the cell phone companies will keep going this way and make it more technical.