Thursday, May 28, 2009

Garbage in Colombia

The environment is a topic that concerns people all around the world। One that affects this is garbage collection, because people are not enough educated to treat this. This problem is common in almost all underdeveloped countries, and my country is not an exception. One of the major problems that my country is facing today is the collection of the garbage. Garbage is thrown everywhere in the land, because most people do not know that this can affect their life in the future. Though the government has implanted some programs to teach the people about recycling, these have not enough, because most people do not pay attention to this. Example one of the main rivers is very polluted today because people and some main factories throw chemical wastes, garbage and anything that they can into it. They think that this is not going to affect anything because the river is big and long. Then, the stream takes everything far away from they are living. However, we can see that the people who suffer the most are people who live on the sides of this river. They use this water for cooking, drinking, washing, agricultural activities and everything. Children are the most affected because they belong to poor families and their families do not have another choice than using the water and resources that the river offers them.

I understand that educating people is very hard when they have lived in this situation for years and from generation to generation. However, I think that government has to use different strategies to make people and factory owners aware of the consequences of throwing garbage in inadequate places like rivers and forests.