Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chinese essay-writing

           Essay-writing in my country is very different from the United States. Firstly, we don’t have any rights or rules about using outside resources. There is no “three words rule” with Chinese writers. It is free to use anyone’s article resources if you don’t copy the whole original articles. Even though someone might copy the idea and paraphrase from others without putting the author’s name and date of publication, it is acceptable. Of course, we don’t need to put references. Indeed, in the educational essay-writing in school, teachers allow students to use other authors words and a few sentences to help their essay; nobody will care about where, whose and when the resources you use. Besides, it is not popular to use websites for essay-writing in China. In addition, Chinese students don’t have as many writing papers as America schools do. Actually, I am not good at Chinese essays on even English writing. Generally, Chinese education is too rigid. The students achieve the knowledge only depending on the books, and follow the teacher’s idea. For these reasons, Chinese students are not as flexible in essay-writing as American writers.  

           In my case, I am not good at writing; there is not too much knowledge about facts or news in my mind. When I write an essay, I am so helpless to gather the information for my essay. So, using the resources from website helps me a lot on my papers. By the way, I can get much information and knowledge when I read other articles.