Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Getting time on YouTube

I have used YouTube many times for both the purpose the finding important information and for finding entertainment.  I have found information about politics, environment, history and science. Normally, this is a site where I can find evidence because the news is frequently filmed and reported. Furthermore, YouTube has covered information worldwide and in different areas. In fact, it is a good source for being informed about the occurrences around the world. However, using YouTube for entertainment, actually, I have used it mostly for watching movies and sports, especially, soccer game. Another option is culture that I have required from them essentially in music and sports. For example, I used to watch international soccer games through YouTube. YouTube provides a variety of excellent information; therefore, it makes difficulty for me to make a decision which is the most preferred program. It is a useful sector of information which works for people’s benefit and for the nation. There are many advantages to using YouTube because it offers people updated world events, knowledge, and amusement. YouTube is available for everybody, anywhere, any time and it is free to use it. It is clear that YouTube is an excellent tool of communication and information considered internationally.