Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The computer is good for children

        In my opinion, I think it is good for children to use the laptop computer when people are very young, since the technology like computers is very important in the future. If children can use the laptop very early, it will be helpful for them to adapt to the trend of the future. Besides, children have a good ability to learn all kinds of things when teenagers. For example, in Japan, parents often give the computers to their children when they are four. Then they let them learn a language, or painting, etc. Therefore, beginning to go to school, their children are able to catch up with other children. Furthermore, their children who learn the computer very early are better at the computer skills than others who touch the computer later. Therefore, I think it is good to give children computers. However, giving children computers too early may cause some problems. For instance, children spend much time on the computers and this made them have some problems in social skills. But if parents can help children control their time, I think it is still good for their children. Therefore, I think every country should do the programs that try to give one laptop computer to every child.