Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Laptop for each child

Those programs that try to give one laptop computer to every child, I think, are a good idea, because a child has the opportunity to learn about computer at an early age. We are living in a time where everybody has to master this. It is clear to see today that people that do not master a computer have a few chances to get a good job, and if they plan to attend school this could be a problem. For example, I am one of those people who have many difficulties in operating computers, because I did not have the opportunity to learn about it at early age. This is a skill very necessary in this century and in those that are coming.

I think that all countries should establish training courses in computer for everyone, because in this way, people are not going to have any problem to face this technological era. It would be better if they enact a law.

The possible problem that a child would have with a laptop computer is that he is not responsible enough to use and take care of it, or maybe he becomes addicted to this and he become dependent. To avoid this it is very important that their parents put special care into how they use it.