Monday, June 1, 2009

Crisis of the Earth

In Stephen Leahy's article "Climate change", the author says environment of the earth has been changed dramatically toward worse. One secretary states that climate change has become worse, but we don't have interested in it since we issued the Montreal protocol. However, sensible approaches to the problem by some countries might have good opportunity toward environments. On the other hand, not only carbon dioxide but also greenhouse gas effects to the earth badly. By next 50years, ozone layer will be destroyed and ultra violet will cause serious problem for our health. However, chemical damage has been decreasing step-by-step because of technical innovation. Changing to HFCS might prevent global warming. Countries in all over the world find a solution about climate change such as exhaust of cars. In conclusion, the author mentions that national commitment would bring good results about environment of the earth. (By Stephen, L.)

Recently, environmental problems has been turned more serious crisis than the last 50 years all over the world. How do you think about environmental pollution? Do you have same opinion same as me? I think that environmental destruction is going up dramatically because when I watch news on TV, I often find about environmental destruction. This shows it is getting serious problem in the world. Serious problems in the world are air pollution, ocean pollution, and desertification, but people still don't come to a head yet, I think. We should have interest about our planet, which is the Earth because the Earth is beautiful, even mysterious.
First, I want to focus on air pollution. It is the worst problem because this problem includes all factors of environmental destruction. Moreover, a car is one of the necessaries of our life, but exhaust gas makes ozone layer to destroy. I think that both social developing and environmental destruction might occur at same time.
Second, oil tankers often cause miserable accident. For instance, every year, they accidentally spill millions of gallons of oil into the sea. It is going to be serious problem even just once. It effects to ecosystem strongly, and fish population is rapidly shrinking. In addition, from these facts, it might be occurred food crisis.
Third, also desertification is serious problem, especially Africa continent. It relates strongly with global warning. Also, global warning might connects air pollution. I think that all of these factors do interaction and fall into vicious circle.
In conclusion, governments all over the world should organize an association for protecting the earth. If they can do it, it is going to be caused good effect for environment of the Earth. Also each of us has to take actions what we can do for the earth. Therefore, if we can pay cloth attention to our planet, we are going to change slowly our nation for the earth. It is good way to protect the earth.

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