Monday, June 1, 2009


Technology is very good because it makes things easier for man. You can use any machine and this can do things faster. Technology has made life comfortable in the way that people can take a rest while these machines are working for them. The world today works with technology and those who are not using it are outdated. You can see technology almost everywhere, for example, in airports, offices, schools, banks, etc, but technology depends on power. When for whatever reason the power is cut off, all of these places stop because they depend on technology. And everything starts to be like before. This is when people understand that technology has its advantages and disadvantages.
I think that technology makes things easier. You can have all your information in a database. You can connect to different parts of the world in a second through Internet or wireless telephones, but in the moment that power fails. That is the problem with technology. I also can say that technology can be the cause of many diseases in humanity, like stress, heart attack, stroke and many others, because people do not exercise. That is my comment about technology.

Francisco says that “the pollution caused by this economic project is too large and it is necessary to solve. Moreover, it is possible to run this kind of project related with oil, but it is necessary to take care of the environment too”
According to Francisco. It is necessary to take measures to control all the problems related to gas emission and in this way environment will be protected.