Thursday, June 18, 2009

Don't students become addicted to Wikipedia

What do you think about using the Wikipedia is useful for our studying or not, especially academic fields? According to some articles about the Wikipedia, it has both advantages and disadvantages. I think that it should not be used in academic field because in these fields, students have to study more specific and figure out themselves. However, sometimes we need it as resources, but too much depending on this site makes us to never consult for studying (Byers, 2007, para. 2). However, in fact, “Launched Jan. 15, 2001, it is already the ninth most popular Web site in the United States, according to Alexa Internet, a company that monitors Web Traffic” (Wolverton, 2007, para. 9).  Do you know this fact? Actually, It has become popular more than I expected. If students become addicted of the Wikipedia, they would depend on it every day. Therefore, they might not think themselves. Moreover, especially academic fields need special knowledge. I think that only the Wikipedia couldn’t cover all academic fields. 

            First, in academic fields, we shouldn’t use the Wikipedia mainly, but we can use it as part of resources. If we use it too much, there will be no our opinions and arguments, also; everyone might take same answers and opinions. It is kind of boring, and it is not valuable for our studying. At first, we try to find our answers, then, we can retrieve some resources from the Wikipedia. Recognizing our opinions and resources from Web site make our study more interesting and exciting. I it has big mean toward well.

             Second, in fact, according to Wolverton (2007), the Wikipedia , Web site, has been used increasingly common all over the world, especially the United States (Wolverton, 2007, para. 9). This result indicates that many students in the United States use this Web site for their studying, hobby and so on. If they use it too much, they will not consult about their studying any more, also; they would be lazy or addictive about Web information such an s Wikipedia. Then it will be apprehensive a drop in scholastic ability.

            Third, by the academic field, especially university, we need more special knowledge than on Web site’s it. I think knowledge on Web site is not enough to write and study for academic reports and papers. We have to find out more specific and more unique resources from many journals, books, and newspapers, not only Web site. Otherwise, we can’t cover academic field. “ It found that Americans aged 25 to 34 in the sample named Wikipedia as the second most credible source business information, after business magazines” (Gapper, 2008, para. 9). This mean is not first resource for business. It shows opinion same as me.

            However, the Internet has infiltrated many aspects of our daily life. Also, we can get much information on the Web site whatever we want. The Internet helps us as useful information tools. Therefore, it helps our studying very well, and we can absorb a lot of knowledge widely from the Internet. When we can’t find answers from books that really I want to know, we can get answers easily from the Internet such as the Wikipedia. We just put some key words on the search box, then, the computer will be searched easily. We can save the time to study.

            In conclusion, I refer that the Wikipedia sometimes works good for us. For instance, we can save the time to study, and we can get answers easily. However, conversely to put it the other way around, it has risk to be addicted about using the Internet resources. We should use the Wikipedia carefully. Then the Internet might help us very well, and our grade might be gone up some day.