Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spending A TIme On You Tube

I spend a lot of time on you tube, because I want to follow latest Japanese entertainments on You Tube. Have you ever spent more than 5 hours on You Tube? Sometimes I’m focus on You Tube, and I feel time goes by so fast. It’s a kind of addictive You Tube. Actually, I never use it for searching information. I just use it for fun. What kind of film clips do you watch as usual? I watch Japanese comedy mostly, then, sometimes I listen to music, but it’s from all Japanese culture. I think that it’s not good to improve my English skill, however, I really miss my culture and comedy, because I’m in U.S. right now. That’s why I spend a lot of times on You Tube. Say in other words, You Tube is the only one amusement which I can touch latest Japanese topics such as entertainment, music, comedy, and drama. On the other hand, I have to use it for studying. There are a lot of useful materials for studying English. I must found them out, and I have to use not only having fun but also studying English. Anyway, You Tube has infiltrated many aspects of our daily life. We would spend a lot of time on You Tube also from now on.