Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Essay and Countries

Undoubtedly, regions or countries determine the way that you write academic papers. Another factor is how you have prepared to do that, by yourself or if you studied some kind of writing or something like that. But, from my point of view I think that the most important point to consider in this sort of project is the type of readers, who are the focus or target of your writing. In South America the people like to write around the topic. They are not going to the idea directly. They include unnecessary, complicated, and nice words. Finally, they attack the main points. For example, a journalist from some newspaper in the sport parts writes this kind of news, but the readers like it, because they want to spend time in it, maybe in hours of work or in the office. The big difference about this subject, essay writing, between the US and my country is that in the US, you need to consider plagiarism. Plagiarism is morally and legally forbidden. In Mexico, plagiarism is not considered a grave error. In my case, I never have written about this kind of essay, even though I have written other kinds of research papers. I have written scientific articles, in one of them as a main author, and in others of them as collaborator.