Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Essay - writing style

In my country there are different ways to write an essay, and the most common is the free style. People use this, because you are not under pressure to follow any rule. In this case, you can take different topics and write about them and all the pages desired. In addition, we do not use double space or indentation. If you want you can separate the text into paragraphs or not, in my country there are many writers who love to write but they do not have any specialized training in how to write books, essays, articles for newspaper and magazines, but they do. They have learned this in an empirical way by reading or a short training at school; for this reason the essay in my country does not demand to be written under certain rules. As I said before, there are some that demand certain rules, but most people choose the free style. We accept this because in this way we do not deny people the opportunity to write.

In my case I hope to be familiarized with the American style to write this kind of paper, because I think it is fundamental to success when I start my master studies here. I have followed all the information that I have received in writing class here and I also have read some American writers to see the way they have written their articles.