Wednesday, June 17, 2009

FW#5 Chinese Essays

In CESL, essays and papers are very common things that have to be done everyday. Maybe it is hard to somebody in other countries, but it is easier to Chinese students because we have written a lot of essays and papers during out high school life and even in Chinese universities. I say it is easy because we have written every day, and the pages limited are not hard to us. However, we use a different type of writing skills. In America, essays are written by order and value. However, Chinese people use a lot of adjectives and written by cycle. They want the reader to know how perfect the paper is. But Americans only tell the truth, because they think a paper is not a novel, they do not have to write several adjectives, and also it is academic. I think it is really a big difference between a Chinese essay and an American one. Actually, I study in America already three years. At first, no body can know what I write in my paper because it looks like a poem or something else. After that, the only way I can do is just to keep my mind, telling the truth, using the American way to write an American essay, that is it. Now I really like to write essays and papers because it is really following the American writing style.