Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fluency Exercise #4, Remove Air Conditioners

The car air conditioner is one of the most dangerous pollutants in the environment, around the entire world. The refrigerant that they use has the most dangerous gases for the ozone layer, CFCs and HCFCs. The demand for cars is always growing. New cars are born every day and for sure they are able to use air conditioners. In hot countries and in the hot cities all over the world, people require this air. It is now like something necessary for our lives. People are getting dependent of this thing. Every time in hot times, we look for an air conditioner without knowing its consequences. With the passing of the year, more houses also are getting air conditioners, so, it is not just a car problem.  The big companies, makers of car, or homes air conditioners, are making more money every day selling these products to the common people. We should forget the car or home air conditioners. This is killing our future, our environment and also the future of our children.


Anna said...

I like this one. I don't use the air conditioner in my car because it makes me feel ill. Now I can tell people that I'm not crazy!