Wednesday, June 3, 2009

FW#4 Children Play Laptop

            PC an IMac are coming to our daily lives; all we know is that it is important. We can use it to search for information of all kinds of majors; to play on-line games all day long; and to chat with our friends. In other words, computer is the most important thing in our lives right now.


         How about children? Do we have to give children a laptop earlier in their lives? Yes, at the earlier age, they can easily to get information from computers or IMacs, and also PC or IMac can give them all the answers that they ask for. And they can be some step with other children who use computers at the same time. And also laptop is better than desktop, because it is easy to carry and it is really cool if you take it to school. Other children will be interested with your children, and they will communicate well. It is really a good sign for children growing well.


       However, there are still lots of bad things on the Internet, such as violence and adults websites. Laptops can still help children to learn a lot of knowledge that cannot be taught in school.