Monday, June 1, 2009

Hot increasing

The warming problem in my country, Colombia, is becoming a serious topic for everybody. The main worry that people have is for the animals and the forest. This is because in Colombia since almost 60 years ago a war has been taking place in the entire country. The government has been paying big amounts of money in order to keep alive and save the citizens. Also the protection of the environment is an important thing that the government can’t afford. It is because the focus of the country always is the internal war. However, there are people interested in the safety of the environment, but the main point is that is so hard to do it. In Colombia there are some important areas where the forest, the jungle, the animals and species have a lot of diversity and this is being lost. The environmentalist can’t work in required areas, so it makes the global warming hit my country stronger. Santa Marta, my city, is a hot one, but it is fresh also in some seasons. Right now the heat is really intense in some hours of the day and it makes the people hide from the sun. In the beach sides, people should use sun protection lotions in order to not burn their skins. This is how my country is affected by the global warming and climate changes.