Sunday, June 21, 2009

How to convince a household to be green

I am interested in household carbon footprint, and dealing with this topic will improve my knowledge and understanding about effects of matter which could also encourage some people to be protectors of the planet. Currently, it is important to have adequate comprehension that human activity has been the main risk to harm the environment. Furthermore, population grows faster causing widespread environment degradation. However, there are people who think that CO2 emission is more dangerous to the planet than we thought, and we have to make an urgent decision, but there are others who think that we can deal with risk because there is scientific knowledge to justify it. Carbon dioxide emission has been the principal cause of global warming because it is produced in the greatest quantity. Because of the high temperature caused by global warming, it will cause sea level rising, change in precipitation, reduction or extinction of many species and agricultural problems. Then, rising sea levels would flood economic infrastructure in coasts, and coral reefs, and wetlands will be destroyed. Droughts, dries, hurricanes and typhoons will be common in many areas. Human health alters disease and disrupt in biodiversity, causing extinction of species and appearance of new species. This could result in a tragedy for humans and the planet. Consequently, what should we do facing the threat of global warming ? This is the issue. There is the fastest, cheapest and most effective way to reduce carbon dioxide and other pollutant emissions into the atmosphere. It is logical to begin greenhouse emissions to where consumption occurs; therefore, we start from the household carbon footprint. In order to make a household cooperate to reduce carbon footprint, we have increase the energy efficiency of automobiles, houses and appliances, thus reducing the output of the CO2. According to Obama’s proposal, “promote green technologies and fuel efficiency standard ” (Obama, 2007). I will describe how to make household closely to green planet. Finally, I will explain that household can reduce carbon dioxide by increase energy and technology efficiency on cars, house and appliances.

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