Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Laptop, which has both advantage and disadvantage, is useful?

Programs that try to give one laptop computer to every child have both advantages and disadvantages, I think. Therefore, I agree with both opinions, that they are a good idea and not a good idea. What point of view do you have about this programs?

First, I want to state that there are some advantages about this programs. Recently, computer has become global standard all over the world. So, we have to learn how to use computers such as laptops and desktops. If people could learn it from early childhood, it will work as their advantage in the future, such as job hunting. In addition, laptop is a more important tool as a source of knowledge than a desktop itself, because we can take it whenever we want. When we were in the childhood, I had various curiosity about everything. I think modern children are also the same as me; so, laptops would help them as a useful material.

Next, I think laptops sometimes influence children badly because they can bring it somewhere. This means that we can watch Internet without parents' permission. If a child did net surfing on illegal sites, parents can't know the fact. I think there are many potential risks on these sites. Moreover, if children use computer too much, they will be addicted to computer, and they will not know how to make relationships with their friends.

Finally, I think it is better to use laptops in front of parents if you want to use them. It is clear a laptop is very valuable tool, but we should never forget that human relation is more important than spending too much time with a laptop, especially in childhood.