Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A laptop

           A Laptop is a good thing that technology offers to us. I am interested in using my laptop anywhere, since I can do all my homework anytime and anywhere. On the contrary I am not interested in the programs that allow children to carry laptops, since if you gave your children laptops you will not sit with them all the time. Some of the children do not have consciousness to deal with the laptop. Also, there are some children who cannot use the laptop wisely and that may cause problems. For me and as a mother I do not allow my children to take the laptop and play with it by themselves. So, I pay attention to what they are watching; after they become aware how to use the laptop, I will give the freedom to them to use it. I disagree with that program that gives each child a laptop, and I think that all country should refuse that, because he may use it in a wrong way as I mentioned. Also, maybe the child will lose his time with no benefit; I mean spend a lot of time without doing anything except playing, for example. It is a good idea if there is control for kids, but many parents do not have time to watch their children all the time.