Monday, June 1, 2009

Life Changed in Small Town

There is a big difference between the small town I am living in now and the big city I used to live in. In a big city, communication and transportation are very convenient. But it is pretty busy, noisy and crowded on the street every day. People who live in the city often have a higher economic level in my country. So, most people prefer to spend time outside instead of staying at home, because there is lots of attractive entertainment, especially the night life. Therefore, a small town-Carbondale, where I am living, is exact quietness anytime and anywhere. There are few people outside day and night that; only happened in the evening in my hometown; it made me feel unsafe and pressured when I just arrived here. However, the environment is good enough in the small town. The air is fresh, the sky is blue, and the animals are free here, that is the huge difference from the big city. Of course, my lifestyle has been changed in the small town. It would make me mad to stay at home all day in my hometown, but here, I have to learn to keep myself quiet at home every day. I used to spend time in a bar or a club with friends, but not here because it makes me feel unsafe at night. Also, this place doesn’t have various choices of food as the big city dose.