Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The pioneering project for human and the earth

In the article “We can save babies,” the author refers to Western countries that are grappling with a pioneering project which is not only saving babies but also saving the planet. They plan to build a lot of neonatal intensive care units (NICU), and at same time, they have to care about environmental problem such as carbon footprint and greenhouse gas. Recently, also the NHS has tried to reduce greenhouse gas and emissions by demand of governments. In conclusion, this new pioneering project will be helping babies; also, it will be protecting our planet. This pioneering project is good for the earth, and us and using the another phrase, it kills two birds with one stone. I agree with this grappling because it is efficient, has a multiplier effect, and leads to prosperous years.

First, I think this project is very efficient, because they try to save the lives of babies and protecting the planet at same time. We have to find a connection between the environmental problem and the other problems like this project. A long time ago, they didn’t care about environmental problems such as air pollution, sea pollution, emissions, and so on. They just pursued their benefit and money. However in recent trends, they try to pursue both benefit and green. Then, we can gain from the project and turn a profit in different fields. Moreover, if we could have good results from both fields, we will be able to contribute to human beings and the global environment.

Next, according to my first opinion, it also concludes a multiplier effect. The NHS is trying to reduce emissions now. So, If they build a lot of hospitals including NICU, we don’t need to worry about air pollution. In addition, if NHS can be successful in reducing greenhouse gas and emissions, we can avoid the crisis from environmental problems. Then not only can we save the planet, but also we can take care of our children more than at present, because there will be a lot of NIUC by leasing to each region, and also they will employ many staff. This phenomenon will affect the U.S. economy to lead demand-pull inflation, and U.S. economy will go up. Moreover, we can prolong babies of survival rates. I think this project will be wonderful for the earth and us.

Third, do you know the population rate in the world? We are moving on again society. It means declining birth rate. We have to hold this phenomenon carefully because it is a crisis of human beings. If the number of people has continued to increase, also, birth rate has continued decreasingly, even if we could succeed in protecting our planet, it would mean nothing without human beings. So, this project might lead us to flourish and save the global environment.

In conclusion, we should consider our future and our planet at the same time. Then we might find out new pioneering project which is good for both humans and the earth. It is going to be wonderful effort for both of them.

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