Thursday, June 18, 2009

My favorite things in YouTube

There are some websites on the Internet that are very useful. One of them is YouTube, which many people like. Indeed, I often spend one or two hours on YouTube. I prefer to watch movies on YouTube more than on TV channels. Also, I might find most movies, soccer games, and funny clips which I desire to watch. In addition, YouTube has many useful clips that help many different kinds of people. For example, it assists students to find some videos or clips about any information that students need. For me, I have used YouTube to help me to understand some points that I learned in Core Class such as global warming, ozone loss and pollution. YouTube has helped me to improve my English listening skill because I have listened to random English clips every day. On the other hand, because I like to watch sports, especially soccer, I have used YouTube to watch some goals and perfect opportunities in a soccer game when I can’t watch a match. Moreover, I have used YouTube to watch important events in the world that I don’t see in the news, especially about my country. Finally, I spend a lot of time on YouTube because I find everything that I need to watch there.