Friday, October 8, 2010

Ahmed Altaleb. EAP2b Culture & Media

Yesterday was the best hour ever. We discussed different subjects such as Halloween, UFOs, taxes, government corruption, some hand signs, deer hunting, and others. However, the subject that grabbed our attention was different of what I stated. Have you heard of scientology? Probably not, it is a new religion and some celebrities believe it like Tom Cruise. They believe that aliens originated us humans. As they believe that aliens came to earth and created us long time ago. Xenu is the name the alien who created us along with other lives. The most interesting thing about their story is that we were so corrupted and they gathered us in a volcano. Then, they killed all humans by bombs and took the spirits of the people with them to their place to do reformation to their souls. After the aliens reformed their spirits by watching movies, they brought back to earth. Someday they will come back to take us, as they think. Another interesting thing about them is that they do not pay taxes, may be just because they are poor. That was really interesting to know for us, and all of the members were astonished.