Monday, October 11, 2010

Mars EAP2B the final report about culture media

This week, our group had 6 people; we talked in the classroom. In this final lesson, I had learnt more about Arabic culture. In the past, I didn’t know why the women had to wear the scarf. More importantly, some of them will cover their face, but some are not. Therefore, I asked Sultar about these questions.
As she said, wearing scarf is an old custom in Arabic country. The women are not allowed to show their body. Such as face. Expect for the women’s family and other women can see their face, other people can’t see. However, it made me to come up a question: how can they cut their hair or swim in the pool? I made a mistake because in Arabic country, male and female are separated in two different schools. In addition, there were many haircut shops for women. Obviously, I had learnt the Arabic people are very serious about sexuality. Then I got another question, how can they choose their love one? Sultar told me that it depended on different families; some male’s family will introduce their son to female’s family. However, only the female had power to decide if the marriage is suitable or not.
In addition, some guys in my group asked me who is the most popular star in Chinese eyes? I would say: Bruce Li. He is the most famous GongFu star in Chinese eyes because in the past, many foreigners looked down upon us. Bruce Li used his power to confirm that Chinese are not weak. He not only encouraged Chinese people, but also changed the view of Chinese people.
In conclusion, in culture media class, it provides an opportunity for me to talk to foreign people, to know their countries and cultures, and to learn more things. I really appreciate that I take this lesson because it is helpful for me. Thanks!