Sunday, October 3, 2010

Culture Media EAP2 Mars

In this week, there are 7 people in our group. We talked about American family, Chinese food, and Arabic’s marriage interview in the classroom. In my opinion, I think these three topics would be interesting to others. First, Samantha told us something about American family. For example, most children don’t like to live with their parents after they grow up. Also the female and male are equal, which means they have same right in every area. However, it is different in China. As my family, my grandfather doesn’t need to anything in the house. His duty is only “eat,” drink, and watch the News. My father is the same. Besides. I told my group members a situation: Nowadays, some young Chinese girl watch too much Korean love move, we called “soap movie.” All of these movies talk about how a poor girl meets a rich guy. Poor girl does not need to do anything, because she will “buy” many servants for her.
In addition, we discuss about Arabic’s marriage interview. As Ahmed said: when two families have marriage interview, the man do not have right to decide marriage, but his mother or sister has. If they are married, it will have three wedding parties: to invite woman or man’s family, and to invite their important friends and a few family members.
Finally, I know some of our group members really like Chinese food, so I simply introduce some famous food to them. For example, Chicken is one of popular food in China. Every festival, most of us will cook the chicken in different tastes: soy sauce, salted, roasted, stewing, and fry. All of these are basic. If you go to the restaurant, you may have more tastes. Canton not only is an economic city, but also is a “food” city. The real Chinese food is much better than here. If people visit China for eat, I suggest they go to Canton, southern of China. It will surprise you.