Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fluency Exercise #1 -Technology-

Nowdays, many people use communication technology in their life, but I do not much like those things, because of addiction.

First of all, people use cell phones anywhere and everywhere. It makes life easy in that they can have conversations anywhere. So they always take it in their pocket. But here is some problem; some people can't live without cell phones; if they left cell phones at home or somewhere, they can't do anything.

Next, we can use messenger system by computer. So we can meet people from anywhere. We can do many things with messengers, but some bad people use messenger for their own purpose such as kidnap or rape. That is such a big problem.

Third, we can use text message. Some people do not much like to take a call, so some of them use text messages. That is an easy way to send their own emotion or what they want to talk about, but they will be lazy.

In conclusion, they have many kinds of communication technology in the world; those things make people's lives easy, but by using them too much, people will become addicted to them. We should take care of those things for ourselves. We have to handle those things for our healthy life.