Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How technology changes our life and communication




As long as time has passed, our technology has been advanced more and more in many fields. It not only helps our life become easier but also changes it a lot in different ways such as traveling, shopping, communication and so on.

To travel from somewhere to somewhere else has come to feel shorter, although the distance has never changed on the map. People started traveling much more, and met friends more often. It was a good big jump for all people; however, until the advent of internet, it completely washed out our everyday life. We shop through our finger tips. We click a key, then we can watch movies. We can find anyone for chatting. The internet pulls everyone closer in communication and makes it easier to chat at any time, but makes people be social less and less. Especially, the majority of internet heavy users have hidden behind monitors. In Taiwan and Japan, we call these internet heavy users dwelling men or dwelling women. It means staying in the home all day long, doing everything, and doing work at home, shopping at home and neglecting social affairs. Those people who neglect a normal society become clammy and cold for everything. They lose their social abilities. They do not even know how to read a person’s mind by their face changes and body language. They may also believe everything is true which shown on internet. The worst thing is their population of dwelling men and women is increasing.

Technology’s progress makes our life easier such as by internet and makes us get more resources, and communicate with someone easily. If we are not able to control ourselves well and use the internet in a good way, the technology will endanger us.