Thursday, October 25, 2007

Technology and Our Life

In this modern century, new technology brings us convenience; we can talk with our friends at any time and any place by using cell phone. We can record our special life by using video cams. Internet is also very convenient in this century. We can communicate with our friends by email and instant massage. Chat rooms on the internet are also another way to make friends; however, new technology also brings some problems in our daily life.

Cell phones are very convenient for us but they also bother us. People can use cell phones anywhere. When we want to have a quiet place, cell phones always ring in this quiet place. For example, when we watch a movie in the movie theater, cell phones always drive us crazy when we want to pay attention to the movie. Chatting on the internet is very popular in our age. There are also dangerous crimes from the chat room. Because people use nicknames in the chat room when they talk with strangers, something bad will happen when they go out to see each other. So new technology can be good or can be bad. We have to keep the positive side and prevent the negative side. New technology must become our good friends.

By jeremy